Test Password Managers like 1Password and BitWarden here!

What the title says. Enter a username and password below, click submit, and if they are correct, an HTTP 200 will be returned. Otherwise, an HTTP 401 will be returned. If your password manager is configured correctly, it will prompt you to save the username and password that were entered.

And for the love of god, DO NOT submit actual usernames or passwords in this form! Even though no data is saved, entering an actual password anywhere other than where it belongs is SUCH a bad idea. Don't do it.

Username. Enter "dmuth" for an HTTP 200 result, anything else will return an HTTP 401.
Password. Enter "pass" for an HTTP 200 result, anything else will return an HTTP 401.

FAQ: Why did you write this?

I recently switched password managers, and wanted to test out the autofill capabilities, but didn't want to keep logging into Twitter in an Incognito window over and over (and over and over).

So I built this--a standin for a login form that I can use to test out password managers.

FAQ: Do you have any other thoughts on security?

Oh I got lots and lots of thoughts, seeing that this a space I work in professionally. Please visit my guide on cybersecurity for more on that topic.

FAQ: What about LastPass?

I can no longer recommend LastPass due to security concerns with that product.

FAQ: How can I help?

If you wish to support my efforts financially, please consider sponsoring me on GitHub. Monthly tiers start as low as $1!