Dead Simple QR Code Generator

No ads. No signups. No spam.

Just QR Codes when you want them.

URL is required and cannot be over 1,000 characters.
URL that you'd like to turn into a QR Code. 1000 char max.

How big should the QR Code be? (Max: 20)

How much space around the QR code? (Max: 20)
The Generated QR Code will go here.

FAQ: Why did you write this?

I use QR codes regularly and was frustrated by the number of websites with QR Code generators that are full of ads, tracking visitors to their website, generating tiny QR codes, or a requirement that you sign up on the website in order to create QR codes. QR Codes are fantastically useful and generating them should be free!

That's why I built this. So every person can have QR codes 24/7. QR codes for days. QR codes for 100 years.

FAQ: Do you have an API endpoint for generator QR Codes?

I do! You can find the two endpoints over here.

FAQ: How can I track scans of my QR Code?

I have no plans to implmement that at this time, if ever. If you want to track scans of QR codes you create, my recommendation would be to use a service like Bitly to create short URLs, and feed those URLs into this QR Code creator. (Bitly allows visits to URLs created with it to be tracked.)

FAQ: Can I get random QR Codes?

Yes, you can! Just head over to the /uuid/qrcode endpoint and you'll get a random QR Code that contains a Type 4 UUID. Refresh that page if you'd like a different random value.

FAQ: Why is the minimum border 4?

According to the page for the QR Code generation library I am using, 4 is the minimum according to the QR Code spec.

While a smaller border MAY work, I do not recommend this. I personally experienced problems parsing QR Codes in my unit tests when I used a smaller border.

Have You Built Anything Else?

Yep! I've built a few things you may find interesting:

FAQ: Where can I learn more about this website or who wrote this app?

Check the about page.

FAQ: How can I help?

I'm not the best when it comes to UIs and Javascript. If you have ideas on how I can make this app better, please open an issue on GitHub. :-)

If you wish to support my efforts financially, please consider sponsoring me on GitHub. Monthly tiers start as low as $1!

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